Hurricane Sandy successfully blew away large remnants of fall and has ushered in cooler temperature, which ultimately will signal the season’s end for local farm stands, especially in the mid-Atlantic region.  Although we welcome the change of seasons, we will miss the local fresh vegetables and fruits  supplied by local farmers.  I would like to say a special thank you to Patrick Padilla of Home Grown Produce on Patuxent Road in Odenton, Maryland. for making this summer and fall special with such a bounty of produce.

This farm stand just opened this summer, and owner, Patrick Padilla, has done a wonderful job of stocking the best corn, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, etc., that can be found in the area.  With the support of the local community and the press (, Padilla has maintained a steady business throughout the summer and fall.  In addition to receiving excellent service, it was great to be able to get produce that was literally “just picked,” with freshness and taste that cannot be found in any grocery store.  Also, this farm stand served as a place to meet people interested in fresh vegetable and fruit products, who often were eager and willing to share recipes and stories about cooking.  Patrick even posted recipes on a dry erase board at the stand.

Home Grown Produce will be closing for the season on November 4th, and you can bet there will be a lot of people counting the days until it reopens next year.  After researching and learning so much about the benefits of purchasing local produce, Homegrown Produce has provided me with the perfect “laboratory” to test my research findings and to experience these benefits firsthand.  This indeed is a great way to live green, be green.

Home Grown Produce’s fall bounty.