Its Sunday!  Trying a new thing where I post any ideas/thoughts and or resources acquired over the last week.  I usually do this in a word doc for myself but this way I can share it as well as have a chronological set of resources to look back on.

Physical Diet: 

I have been putting the low-carb high protein diet to the test!   In doing so, I modified/adapted various takes on a keto/paleo, low-carb diets that fit my palate and lifestyle.  I had a more extensive than usual physical done the week before and received the results at the beginning of last week.  Key notes: I lost 16 true pounds in the last 25 days.  I had blood work done but the results are more of a base as opposed to a reflection of the change in eating as I just started.  I will be getting blood work every few months to monitor and will update the results.

Here is a quick breakdown of what I have been doing- You can research the bolded keywords to learn more about why and the pros/cons of this type of diet-

The Main Goals Include:

  • Lose excess weight (unnatural weight from eating inefficiently)
  • Make our body more insulin sensitive (–As soon as there is a spike in insulin our bodies use it efficiently and effectively–Insulin is the body’s “fuel” and you want to burn fuel efficiently. –Much like a car, excess gasoline is dangerous–) research excess insulin
  • Build healthy gut flora for optimum nutrient absorption of diet research leaky gut

By accomplishing these 3 goals through a shift in our diet, we can do wonders for our overall health!

  1. Drink Water: 8oz of water every hour that you are awake– Water is life and your body needs it for each and every major and minor function. Organs like the kidneys and liver cannot function optimally without it!
  2. Protein: This is huge. 2 rules
    1. Consume 32g of protein in the first 30 min of waking up (many experts agree on this. Best article as to science and why here)
    2. 40% of daily calories from a protein source: red meat is good, just make sure it is grass fed and absolutely no antibiotics!
  3. Fat: fat fat fat! Your body is not using as much of the standard fuel,  insulin. Next up? Fat! My go-to is coconut oil. Great boost for the HDL (good cholesterol as it is known by some. I hate that term as you need all cholesterol) as well.
  4. Low–Carb: Here is where we get our bodies to be more insulin sensitive. No carbs 6 days a week! Ok no might be tough, Try to limit your carbs to under 10g a day. With that said, absolutely no Gluten or fruit  You can do it! Then, on the 7th day AKA “Cheat Day” go nuts on carbs. Overload on pasta, starches, candy, you name it! Everyone has a different schedule so you do not have to follow the standard week for your regiment.
  5. Probiotics: Find a pill probiotic at your local wellness store with >10 billion live cultures. This is the only supplement I will recommend. Support a healthy gut by consuming fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi as well as consuming vinegar (also lowers glycemic index) and Kombucha. The microbial community in your stomach is responsible for nutrient absorption of the food that you eat. Poor gut= malnutrition despite how healthy you may be eating!

Also, check out Eight Common but Dangerous Mistakes of A High-Fat Low-Carb Diet

Also check out Ketosis and Athletic Performance: More Than Fat Loss by Tim Ferris

If you give it a go, let me know!

Information Diet: 

Podcast of the Week: Kimberley Brownlee on Social Deprivation on Philosophy Bites-It is only 17 minutes or so and offers some awesome insight into what it means to be human with regard to social interaction. Have a listen!!

Im fascinated with oncology research. People who know me well understand my fixation with cancer and why it is such a huge part of life.  Check out this article in the Journal of Young Investigators on the role that RNA plays in cancer cell alteration/mutation

Have you ever looked to see what Michelin Stared restaurants are near you?  Check out the list!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!!


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