This year we have witnessed a record number of named hurricanes.  Fortunately, the United States largely weathered these storms well to date.  Now we face a new and unique challenge.  Hurricane Sandy is barreling toward the east coast as a category 2 hurricane and is expected to make landfall along the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States this Monday or Tuesday.  Unfortunately, it appears that Heaven and Earth are aligning to transform Hurricane Sandy into a monster or “Frankenstorm” just in time for Halloween.

This hurricane is approaching during a full moon which, with its accompanying high tides, will increase Sandy’s storm surge about 20% higher than normal along the eastern seaboard.  This possibly could lead to major flooding and beach erosion.  What makes this storm really special and potentially catastrophic is its position as one player in three weather systems, which include a wintry storm approaching from the west and a frigid air stream traveling south from Canada.  If these three weather phenomena meet on Tuesday morning in the vicinity of New York and New Jersey, forecasters predict a huge, prolonged soaking mess that will settle over the northeast and spread as far as western Ohio.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration goes on to say that there are no modern precedents for what the storm models are suggesting.  This incoming storm is a clear example of the weather situations predicted by environmentalists, scientists and proponents of climate change.  It is unfortunate that these experts still do not have the ear of government and public policy experts, who possibly with the acknowledgement of the contribution of human factors to climate change, would do more to find solutions to this growing problem.  Hopefully, now that Heaven and Earth are speaking louder than ever and in unique fashion, maybe everyone will listen.

Let’s try to get prepared for this storm and stay safe, and as always, let’s live green, be green.