In recent years, China has emulated the American way of massive consumption, mainly due to its burgeoning middle class and influences from the west. Yet, the nation has taken note of the negativities associated when energy fuels the growth of a nation, and has outlined plans to change social policy to retard that behavior. In fact, China has outlined its need to create, “A social movement to radically change their attitudes about consumption by helping them develop a different vision of prosperity.” This vision, coined the “China Dream” is to promote a sustainable lifestyle, and not necessarily one fueled by consumption, to achieve prosperity. To promote a desire for this lifestyle, it is suggested by the author Peggy Liu, to look toward advertisers to make the green movement more attractive. China has the largest potential audience in terms of consuming media. Thus, the implications of a successful message to include social responsibility and sustainability could have a significant impact. But, in order for this to happen, government will have to also influence the purchasing behavior of its citizens. For example, policy changes of banning free plastic bags, has helped to eliminate over 24 billion bags in the first three years in the nation.  Helping to change the actions of a country the size of China will influence other nations to follow suit, policy-wise, in their respective countries. China’s actions as a nation speak softly, but often carry a heavy stick. Their message with the “China Dream” is to socially impact the way we think and purchase goods, and to believe that the end goal of prosperity can be achieved through responsible and sustainable behavior. To check out more from the article follow the link below.  

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