Preparing homemade snacks for work, home, or outings is a great way to ensure that you are eating healthy while on the run and also saving money. As an added bonus, storing your snacks in reusable containers reduces your contribution to the ever-growing packaging waste problem. For this to work, it is important that the snacks you prepare are appetizing and not too labor intensive to prepare. Today we will take a look at some good, low-calorie snacks that the entire family will enjoy.

First is homemade granola. There are many variations for this nutritional staple with the basic two being rolled oats and honey. Then any recipe can be customized according to individual tastes and dietary needs with chopped dried fruits, nuts, flavors such as vanilla extract, and raw sunflower seeds. Granola bars are great snacks to curb the appetite and boost energy.

An interesting veggie snack to try is sea salt fennel chips. These are simple to make with the only ingredients being fennel, olive oil and sprinkles of sea salt. Instructions for these chips can be found at

A great snack to enjoy when entertaining or relaxing at home is vegan ice pops. The recipe includes roughly chopped berries of your choice, fruit juice, such as orange, grapefruit or mango, milk or a milk substitute, and the option of non-dairy yogurt. These popsicles have less sugar and fewer calories than store-bought brands. Additionally, reusable ice pop sticks serve to reduce packaging waste.

Finally, homemade hummus with fresh vegetables is a perfect skinny-waist snack. Hummus is made with chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, which are low in cholesterol and rich in protein. Several recipes for hummus are available online.

There are many delectable options to store-bought snacks. Do-it-yourself preparation of snacks for work and play presents an excellent opportunity to save money, eat healthy and customize your food to individual taste. Let’s snack green, live green, be green.