Green living can be incorporated into so many areas of everyday living—even in the selection of alcoholic beverages.  With a little research, it is possible to find several green spirits that are produced in an eco-friendly manner and with a commitment to educate workers in organic production techniques.   Also, many of these spirit makers participate in renewable energy programs, such as the use of windmills for electricity, to produce their products.  A few to mention include Square One Vodka, VeeV Acai Spirit and Papagayo White Rum.  The first, Square One Vodka is produced in Idaho using distilled water from Treton Mountains, a Rocky Mountain range.  Because it is made from chemical-free organic products and distilled water, this vodka requires a shorter-than-normal fermentation period.  The final product has a fresh and distinct taste, along with a very smooth finish.  The second company, VeeV Acai Spirit produces its product, which is 60 proof alcohol from winter wheat grain and antioxidant-rich acai berries harvested in Brazil.  The VeeV Company is strongly committed to protecting the environment.  The majority of its employees drive hybrid vehicles and all product packaging is recyclable.  The third product, Papagayo Rum, has the distinction of being the world’s first organic rum.  It is single estate (only produced in one estate in Paraguay).  The founder’s objective is to help sugarcane farmers by paying them livable wages and educating them in organic farming techniques. 

The addition of organic vegetables and fruits to cocktail recipes gives spirits delectable flavors while promoting green living.  Popular organically grown vegetables and fruits that complement organic spirits include cucumbers, cilantro, basil, blackberries and thyme, just to name a few.  An internet search for organic cocktails and ingredients yields many entertaining and appetizing concoctions that is sure to enhance summertime barbecues and dinners, making it a pleasure to eat green, drink green, live green, be green.