Here at LGBG, we work diligently to provide our readers with an easy and enjoyable reading experience, while keeping in line with our blog’s end goals of educating and informing. However, it is important to note that we are not the only ones on the web dedicated to all things green. With this in mind, we have decided each month to highlight a particular blog which peaks our interest in the way that it addresses green issues uniquely and daringly.

This feature is on a blog called Joyfully Green, appropriately titled after its creator, Mrs. Joy Sussman. Inspired by her two young children (ages 5 and 8) Mrs. Sussman states that, “Special attention is given to parents and teachers who are looking to nurture ‘the littlest environmentalists’ – tomorrow’s leaders on the green frontier.” With that mindset, Joyfully Green focuses on doing, rather than simply preaching, about how to be green, and shows ways in which we can accomplish this goal. She reverts to her actual experiences with her children as a way to give real examples of change rather than just proselytizing about it. With entries titled “Time Out: How to Get Outdoors with Kids as the Weather Gets Colder” and “Unplugging from Technology to Reconnect with Your Child”, she stays true to her roots and her concentration of educating with children in mind.

Joyfully Green is written with a down-to-earth sense of practicality, stressing simple changes to implement to make yourself more green. As Mrs. Sussman has quoted on her site, through an inspirational book called Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life, by Ed Begley Jr., “You don’t climb Mount Everest in a single day.” Her blog’s focus, a commendable and wise one at that, is to make green changes a daily idea, so that the amalgamated effects of those changes can be seen farther down the road.  By positively influencing the behavior of families to act in green ways, she is helping to build a future of green conscious citizens.

Lastly, Joyfully Green’s dedicated section of green-approved books and literature stands out, and it is frequently referenced throughout the blog’s posts. A different book seems to be reviewed every day, and the wealth of knowledge, particularly regarding the book’s effect on children and families, is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. In addition, within the book reviews is a section reserved for children’s books, which further emphasizes the motifs of family and creating “little environmentalists” – two consistent themes throughout the blog.

With that said, please check out Joyfully Green and all that the site has to offer for both you and your family. It is truly an inspiring blog written from a unique, but relatable perspective. Also, if you have any suggestions for a blog site worthy of being the focus of next month’s Clean NRG Blog of the Month, please email your idea to