Dishwashers and refrigerators, washers and dryers… no big deal when it comes to finding environmentally friendly, certified products, right?  Not quite.  How about smaller electronics?  How about TVs? 

Just recently I was shopping around for a 50-55″ television set, and I was sure I would be able to pick out a great quality, great priced TV.  I was extremely surprised at how, even at larger sizes, televisions which are certified as “eco-friendly” are virtually impossible to come by.  I visited several brick and mortar stores and countless websites, and was surprised that there really aren’t any certified green TVs.  Yet.

I was able to stumble across an article, which I have to assume is somewhat breaking news, about South Korea’s major appliance manufacturers’ recent achievements in green certification.  Samsung and LG brand giants both have been able to produce Smart, 3D TV units that have actually been dubbed, by several European organizations, as having energy efficiency and low carbon emissions. 

Well, bravo!  Although it seems only a small step in a long line of strides to come, it is positive progress nonetheless.  Soon, I hope, it becomes industry standard to produce TV sets that are certified as eco-friendly on a worldwide scale.  (That will at least make my shopping selection a tad bit easier!)