How about this for an idea. Let’s make a mode of transportation that is ideal for huge metropolis’, has no impact on the environment, and is made completely from recyclable materials. Oh yea, and it has to cost less than $20. As crazy as this checklist sounds, a man by the name of Izhar Gafni has created just that in the form of a full functioning cardboard bicycle.

After witnessing a prototype for a cardboard canoe, Gafni used his engineering background to construct a similar prototype for a bicycle. Similar to origami, in which each fold can up to triple the strength of the apparatus, the bicycle can hold up to 308lbs or 140kgs. The end result is that Gafni has created a mode of transportation that is lightweight, utilizes completely recyclable materials, and costs under $20. In order to weatherproof the bicycle, an application of paint and water sealant is used so that the cardboard itself is not turned to pulp.

The greatest potential impact the bicycle can have is in bustling cities already ripe with congestion and smog. The cardboard bicycle provides a clean and efficient way for getting from point A to B while also saving natural resources. And while its price tag seems inexpensive enough as it is, some governmental recycling programs could even make the device free in certain countries. Overall, not only is this idea genius for its use of recyclable materials, but more importantly because it does not sacrifice functionality or cost in order to do so.