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Washington DC – Capitol Hill: United States Capitol (Photo credit: wallyg)


Today’s presidential inauguration presents a wonderful and unique opportunity to celebrate and recommit to living a healthy green lifestyle.  Inauguration is defined as “the beginning of a system or period”.  As such, this period of transition to a new administrative period in Washington, DC, represents a chance to start fresh to accomplish the work of the people.  As stewards of the earth and protectors of the environment, today is the day for us to celebrate our victories, thank our many foot soldiers and heroes, identify our challenges and band together as one voice to promote our causes and pursue our agenda.  The observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday on this day, with its focus on service to our country, serves to bolster our spirit and commitment to the Earth.  I find it extremely poignant that President Obama will take his oath on Dr. King’s travel Bible facing the direction of the King Memorial,  creating a dramatic reminder of our duty to this land, as the scripture admonishes us to replenish the Earth.


As we listen to the oaths, speeches and commentaries at today’s inaugural events, let’s take our own oaths to continue to do the seemingly small, but effective things to reduce pollution and waste, such as recycling, reducing our gas and meat consumption, supporting businesses that are kind to the environment and calling out those who violate the earth.  Also, be that voice that speaks out to identify issues and brings elected officials to task when they fail to represent the constituents as they should.  Rally around organizations who lobby for green initiatives in Washington, DC, who often ask for no more than that you lend a signature to a petition to show support for that eco-friendly position on a particular issue. Additionally, let’s support our organizations who are working hard to effect change.  Please consider donations of time and/or money to their wonderful causes.  They truly are the foot soldiers of this movement.


We at LGBG feel honored to work for all things green.  We are grateful for the many friends and associations we have made, and we enter this inaugural period with a stronger sense of urgency and commitment to a green lifestyle.  We hope that this day will be a day of reflection, happiness, peace and celebration for our nation and for all things green.  This is the day that we reinforce our commitment to “be the change we want to see”.  Happy Inauguration Day!  Let’s live green, be green!