Those recyclable, reusable tote bags, forgotten in your pantry, are the bags that can bear the burden!” –LGBG

A little less than a year ago, Live Green Be Green by PMD United set out to assist Lori Robinson and Africa Inside in her magnificent effort to eliminate the plastic pollution that affects many African Nations. We are happy to say that we have concluded this first project with great success.  Through the combined efforts of LGBG, Africa Inside, and Pati Arsenau’s class at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School located in Blufton South Carolina, enough bags were collected as incentives for the Samburu Women of Northern Kenya’s cleanup effort.

Handing Out Bags

Handing Out Bags

 We have hundreds more women for this than we expected. –Shivani Bhalia 

Women came in droves with the deadly plastic that they eagerly collected from the countryside, to offer in exchange for the totes.  It is truly amazing to see how such a small, and often-overlooked item, can make such a monumental impact on the lives of these women.  Samburu women, for now, will no longer have to travel with thin, mangled, unsustainable plastic bags, that most certainly would make their way to the precious fields and grasslands. They can now go to the markets with confidence that their staples (sugar, flour, spices) will return home with them safely and securely.  Just as importantly, the impact that this effort has on the environment is tremendous. Any reduction in plastic that makes its way to the countryside means less plastic for the precious wildlife to come in contact with and for an all around more aesthetically beautiful country.

We, at Live Green Be Green, have learned so much from this project and could not have done it without the wonderful people in our communities.  This project went from zero to sixty almost over night.  Right from the start, we received major support from friends, family, friends of family and strangers who got wind.  We received support from religious groups, senior centers and even a lobby firm!  Much to our surprise, we had major companies such as target and Wegman’s join the effort.  To all of you, we say thank you and we look forward to working with you in the very near future

Samburu Collection (women cleaning).Samburu Collection (Little Girl)


Samburu Collection (Women Plastic)

We have already begun working with Lori on what will be the largest bag collection effort ever!  It is set to take place in Kenya, in August of this year.  No matter where you are in the world, if you would like to participate please contact Patrick Halligan or Lori Robinson.

We also invite you to watch this youtube video a past collection executed by Lori and Africa Inside.

Everytime I’ve done this project, I’m touched by the enthusiastic response to our shopping totes from America.  And I am motivated to re-evaluate how much I take for granted here in my country. –Lori Robinson 
Orthographic map of Africa

Orthographic map of Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We here at LGBG would like to take this opportunity to update our readers and supporters on Africa Inside’s project to eliminate plastic bag pollution from the African countryside.  This program is the brainchild of Lori Robinson, Africa Adventures Specialist for the Jane Goodall Institute.  Lori has dedicated considerable time and effort to promote conservation through the development of programs to educate Africans about the protection of its most precious resources, wildlife and environmental.

LGBG is proud to sponsor and partner with Lori and Africa Inside to rid the African countryside of discarded plastic bags, which kill wildlife when ingested out of  curiosity, clog rivers and streams, get caught up in trees and bushes and release toxins when burned.  Lori’s “bag exchange” program has been successful as a simple and effective solution to plastic bag pollution.  For every 25 bags picked up from the countryside and turned in on exchange days, each individual receives a sturdy reusable tote from America, which are very popular and sought after by African citizens.  We have been working diligently to get donations of reusable bags, as well as funds to ship the bags to Lori.  We thank you for your support to date, and we urge you to continue to help Africa Inside advance this wonderful cause.

Africa Inside’s next plastic litter cleanup will take place in Samburu, Kenya in August 2013.  We still are still collecting bags and financial donations to ensure the success of this project.  For information on how you can help, please visit the Africa Inside website at or contact us here at  Africa Inside is supported by the Creative Visions Foundation, a publicly supported 501(c)3.  Upon receipt of donations, each contributor will receive the necessary receipt for tax deductions.

Once again, LGBG thanks you for your support to date for Africa Inside’s mission.  To support such a wonderful cause is to live green be green.

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