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First and foremost, we here at LGBG by PMD United would like to take an opportunity to thank you, wholeheartedly.  Not to be confused with self-righteous, over-the-top activists, our team is comprised of various personalities and backgrounds dedicated to helping us live a more sustainable life.  Simply put, we explore everything related in some way, shape, or form to the green ideologies, practices, and realities of today and beyond — and we decide to write about the interesting and important information we find.  We also provide insights into our own lives as we navigate this crazy world we live in. LGBG by PMD United truly aims to create a quality learning experience for its readers directly through the quality learning processes its writers continually undergo.  When we can sit back at the end of each day and know we have reached people, and to whatever capacity, may have enlightened them to think a bit differently or take some small actions towards a better tomorrow, we can sleep well at night.

With this blog as our vehicle, we intend to continue to build upon the strong foundation we have laid thus far.  We understand that it is only with the help of readers like yourself, that we can grow our presence throughout the community, that we can influence gradual but meaningful change within our everyday, and that we can make a better tomorrow today, turning our dreams into reality.  With regards to these goals, it does not take much effort to have a lasting effect, and sharing knowledge is where it all begins.

Spread the word.  Support the cause.  Join the movement.


Warm regards,



Chief Creation Officer & Editor in Chief
LiveGreenBeGreen by PMD United

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