Living room with fireplace and decorated Christmas tree

Living room with fireplace and decorated Christmas tree.

As the sun sets on Christmas 2015, I thought this would be a good time to assess the success of this year’s efforts to find the magic of Christmas.  After all, is this what this is all about?

Each year, the end of the Thanksgiving Day celebration marks the beginning of the race to Christmas.  We shop for hours on end, both online and in local stores.  We send out cards to friends and family.  We gather together for parties and celebrations at our homes, places of work and worship, etc.  We plan holiday trips to visit family in our hometowns or elaborate vacations to the far ends of the world.  With all of this effort, we must be searching for something.

The Season of Subliminal Messages

Throughout the holiday season, our senses are attacked from all angles by subliminal messages on the “meaning of Christmas” and “the reason for the season”.  Every charity known to mankind lets us know that it is time to open our hearts and wallets to help the poor, the wounded, the abandoned, etc.  You cannot and must not pass the Salvation Army bell ringer without giving.  Even the Girl Scouts are posted outside the local grocery stores to sell cookies.  Turn on the television and you get bombarded with an onslaught of commercials, which depict families gathered together lovingly enjoying the latest electronic devices or toys.

All of these things tug at the heartstrings and pursestrings, but do they really help us find or recreate that ever-elusive magic of Christmas.

From my perspective, the answer is a resounding NO!  The magic of Christmas is not based in commercialism as we are led to believe.  It is something that cannot be bought with money.

The True Magic of Christmas

Perhaps the best thing and the worst thing about social media is that it provides a great platform for anyone and everyone to speak his or her mind at any given time.  Often spontaneous musings or offline comments reveal more about one’s true feelings than do carefully pondered statements or prepared responses.  Herein lies the key to solving the magic of Christmas.

If we look closely at the Facebook statuses and tweets of friends and acquaintances, we see a pattern at this time of year.

  1.  Nostalgia.  Childhood memories of planning and celebrating Christmas at a time when life was slower, calmer and simpler.
  2. Friends and Family.  This is the time of year that we really miss our departed loved ones.  We send up prayers for them and we relish in our fondest memories of them.
  3. A greater feeling of Charity.  During this time of year, we are more likely to have a spirit of giving to those who are less fortunate.
  4. Greater Sense of Humanity.  During the holiday season, most people really and truly want peace on earth, more than at any other time of year.
Car carrying a Christmas tree in a miniature evergreen forest

Car carrying a Christmas tree in a miniature evergreen forest


The bottom line is that the magic of Christmas really is not ever-elusive.  It is right there all the time, just waiting for each of us to embrace it, not only on December 25th, but everyday.  Imagine if we began each day drawing our strength from our foundations.  The lessons learned from our loved ones, those here and departed, are the greatest gifts ever and go a long way to guide us each day.  Taking time out to reflect on our experiences, plans and even limitations will save us time, money and help us avoid many of the mistakes we make in life.  A mindfulness of the environment and respect for each other will foster a happier and wholesome life.  I think this truly is the magic of Christmas!


Recent scientific and sociological studies note the importance of gratitude as a key ingredient in healthy and happy living.

The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word, gratia, meaning grace and thankfulness.  Current medical and scientific research consistently associates gratitude with greater happiness, which also facilities better physical and mental health.  According to a note from Harvard Medical School, “[g]ratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build stronger relationships.” [1]

In the United States, one need not search far to find information on gratitude as the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are rooted in gratitude.  Unfortunately, many of us embrace this doctrine during the holiday season and then revert to old habits of constant states of dissatisfaction, inconsideration, greed, etc., once the holiday season ends.  To that end, our society has created a world that is a ball of confusion, a perpetual state of unhappiness fueled by toxic interpersonal relationships, ill health and a compromised climate.  As we all search for a solution for the many bad things going on in the world today, maybe if we focus on the true meaning of gratitude, and thankfulness, we can break the cycle that we currently are in, running uncontrollably in circles like hamsters on a wheel, never really making any progress.

Blackboard with the text: Today Im Thankful For... in a christmas conceptual image

Scientific Benefits of Gratitude

Generally, we are hard wired and require proof that any course of action is authentic.  As such, current scientific studies specifically note positive benefits of showing gratitude (although we really should not need a reason to be grateful as it should be assumed to be the right thing to do).

  1.  People who are grateful generally are more hopeful and healthier.
  2. People who express gratitude generally have better quality and duration of sleep than those who do not show thanks.
  3. People who are thankful have increased self esteem than those who do not show thanks.
  4. People who show gratitude also have greater empathy towards others and are more likely than those who do not show gratitude to be pro-social.
  5. People who show gratitude and who list in journals the things for which they are grateful have greater resilience to problems that may arise.

Gratitude Is Heart Healthy

Another very important reason to show gratitude is that it is particularly good for the heart. [2]  The correlation between the effects of depression, stress and anxiety and the increased risk of heart disease have been well documented, just as the positive effect of a good mental status as beneficial to heart health has been touted.  It is no secret that grateful people are healthier than ungrateful individuals, with fewer cases of inflammation in the body and buildup of damaging plaque.  To that end, being grateful has a big payout.

Diagram of health

Teach The Children Well

The lesson of gratitude is great for children and serves to build stronger families and independent thinkers.  In this age of preoccupation with physical things, and the ensuing deleterious impact on the environment in terms of trash and financial woes from overspending, gratitude for the sufficiency of what one has helps to raise children to be confident responsible adults.

Practice Mindfulness

The practice of showing gratitude hones the skill of mindfulness, which requires each of us to plan our lives very carefully rather than functioning on automatic.  When we plan our activities, our budgets our schedules, etc., we save time and make better choices.  We become aware of the potential pitfalls in life and avoid them to the extent possible.

Everyday Is A Day Of Thanksgiving

As we gather with family and friends to express gratitude for our lives, our happiness and health, it is important that we commit to make everyday a day of gratitude, giving thanks for our world, our love ones and our creator.  This then becomes the starting point for a movement to create a healthier happier world for us all.  To do so is to live green, be green.

Happy Thanksgiving Greeting, Fall Leaves Background and text Happy Thanksgiving



Holiday gift giving can be difficult, and we here at LGBG have 11 suggestions for thoughtful holiday gift ideas that are green, sustainable, unique and sure to be appreciated by family and friends.

 Gift Ideas  If you’re reading this article now, it is safe to assume that the Christmas gift shopping category still is staring at you on your holiday to-do list.  Perhaps you are tired of the perfunctory shirts, belts, ties, food gifts, sweaters, etc.  Maybe you don’t want to venture out to the crowded malls and shopping centers, or hopefully you want to find that great gift that shows that you care about the environment and that you want to make a positive difference in the world.  You know that contributing to the collection of more “stuff” is not a good thing.  As such, here are some suggestions from LGBG.

Consider giving experiences rather than things.

Gift giving can be a very special opportunity to show recipients, whether friends or family members, that you care about them and that you took the time to get them something that they would enjoy.  Given that we are living in a society in which we generally are concerned with our collection of “stuff” and a looming fear that we are becoming hoarders, a gift of an experience becomes more attractive.

1.  Tickets.  These always are popular.  They can be to a show, play, sporting event or a trip.  If you purchase an experience that you know the recipient enjoys, this gift is guaranteed to be a hit.
2.  Spa and well being sessions.  A day at a spa with massage, healthy food and drinks, rest and rejuvenation is a gift that is sure to be remembered for a long time.  Also, it may introduce the recipient to an experience that he/she may wish to continue.
3.  Wine and gourmet food tasting.  Sure to be a hit for a couple, who may enjoy a unique dating experience.
4.  Lessons.  There are lessons available for purchase for many experiences.  Perhaps a surfing class for that friend who you know would like to try this, a zip line class for that daring friend, a golf lesson for someone who has mentioned often that they would love to play.  Just maybe you have a friend who repeatedly voiced love for the cello and the desire to learn to play.  Well, here is your way of saying.”I listen to you and want to help you achieve a dream.”

Holiday Gift

Gifts that Give Back.

Most of us have those very special friends, who consistently work to make the world a better place.  A gift that echoes their focus on charity is very thoughtful and definitely will be appreciated.

1.  Coffee gifts that change lives.  Coffee has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity.  During the holiday season, gift cards for the most well know coffee corporations can be found everywhere.  This year, we suggest trying a new approach, namely Three Avocados, a nonprofit coffee company, dedicated to finding a creative solution to ending global water shortages, beginning with Uganda.  The great thing about this company is that 100% of its net proceeds are used to provide clean water in Uganda and also education in Nicaragua.
2.  Lipstick that fights AIDS.  For the friend or love one who adores lipstick, skip the department store cosmetic department and order MAC Viva Glam lipsticks.  The mission of this company is “to serve people of all ages, all races and all sexes affected by HIV and AIDS.”
3.  Wine that gives back.  Order wine from ONEHOPEWINE, a social enterprise “that integrates causes into products and services to make a social impact.”  This group donates 50% of its profits to great causes, including the World Food Program and the Gateway for Cancer Research.
4.  Buy a boot, give a boot.  Toms footwear and accessories are very popular and makes a great gift ideas because “with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need.  One for One.”[1]


Special interest gifts

Maybe your list includes friends with special interests who would appreciate a unique gift that acknowledges their enthusiasm for a particular activity.

1.  Online reading subscriptions.  These are perfect for people who like to read, particularly on-the-go, and who want to reduce their collections of paper copy to save space or to save a tree.  Also, programs, such as Audible, offer audiobooks that can be downloaded to most electronic devices to be enjoyed while driving, walking, etc.
2.  Personal hydrators.  The personal hydrator by HydraPouch is an innovative way for runners to maintain hydration during races and to improve performance by eliminating the need to use paper cups.
3.  Stock.  A gift of a stock certificate is a great way to introduce a young friend or family member to investing.  Purchasing stock from a company that makes a product or provides a service of interest of interest to the recipient will enhance this experience even further.

Shares - vintage share certificates of USA












Celebrate the season.

We hope that you enjoyed our holiday gift ideas and will find something on this list to give to that special someone in your life.  Of course, our goal here is to celebrate the season, celebrate life and the environment.  To do so is to live green, be green.



Autumn is the most versatile season and presents optimal opportunities to enjoy many absolutely awesome things.  By this time of year, most of us have recovered from mourning the passage of summer and are ready to embrace the best season of the year.

“I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  L.C. Montgomery from Anne of Green Gables

Autumn has great  symbolic importance.  In terms of agriculture, it is the time of the harvest, and symbolically it is the season when many people and entities refresh their books and set goals for the new year.  Students return to school with clean slates and lofty goals.  Employees return to work after vacations with plans for the next year.   Even the United States government begins its new fiscal year on October 1st.

So today, we here at LGBG are happy to list 10 absolutely awesome things about Autumn.

1.  Autumn colors.  Mother Nature never fails to deliver a dazzling display of color during the fall season.  Beautiful shades of gold, yellow, green and orange can be found in flowers, fruits, vegetables and most notably trees, sunrises and sunsets.  More than any of the other seasons, Autumn is the time for nature’s ultimate showcase.  Additionally, the mild fall temperatures create the perfect environment to enjoy outdoor activities.

Beautiful fall flowers

















2.  The best of sports.  Autumn is the best season for sports– hands down– with its numerous offerings.  Let’s face it, after the Super Bowl in January and the NFL draft in the spring, there generally is only prognostication about football until the fall.  Autumn signals the end of talk and the beginning of play.  Whether it is the NFL, college, high school or Pop Warner, football is king.  We get to watch, cheer, lament and even manage teams and compete in fantasy leagues.  Once considered a “man’s” sport, the NFL now boasts increased popularity among females who now comprise 46% of its fan base. [1]

We cannot talk about Autumn without talking about baseball.  Autumn is the showcase season for baseball with the MLB postseason.  After suffering through the summer’s heat and humidity with its accompanying thunderstorms and often extended rain delays, we now can sit back and enjoy the best of major league baseball.  The stakes to win the World Series are high, and the competition is stiff.  As one of America’s favorite pasttimes, you can expect baseball to be a favorite conversation subject all over the country.  An interactive map of baseball can be found here.

Baltimore Orioles advance to American League Championship Series













Autumn also is a popular time for NHL hockey.  Preseason has begun, giving teams a chance to evaluate new players and offering fans an opportunity to get a look at their favorite teams matched up with rookie and veteran players.  Finally, community sports are in full swing as parents cheer on young football, soccer and field hockey players.

3.  Autumn holidays and festivals.  We all love holidays and festivals.  They afford us a brief respite from the routines of school and work, and they give us a wonderful chance to gather with friends and relatives.  Autumn is a great season for holidays, including Columbus Day, Rosh Hoshana, Yom Kippur, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Additionally, we look forward to getting out and enjoying fall festivals, such as Renaissance festivals, book festivals and health fairs.

4.   Autumn sunrises and sunsets.  At the beginning of Autumn, as we return to school and work, we find that we generally start our days earlier in order to reach our destinations on time.  As such, we get to experience more sunrises, that is, until the beginning of eastern standard time in late October.  This is a very special and exciting experience that can be summed up beautifully by a Facebook friend, Nancy Neverosi Miller:

As I left for work this morning, walking to my car in the DARK, I thought, “God the one thing I hate about Autumn is the shorter days coming.” It kinda bummed me out until as I was driving to work I realized, it’s also the only time of year I get to watch the sunrise every day on my ride to work and although today’s was not the prettiest, I know there are some great ones yet to come. It’s all perspective, find the POSITIVE!

On the flip side, once eastern standard time begins, we often will find ourselves out and about, returning from work, school or running errand, attending sports practices with our children, or simply enjoying the outdoors.  This puts us front and center to enjoy sunsets, which often are dazzling light shows that paint beautiful tapestries along the hillsides and neighborhoods.  Autumn sunrises and sunsets are wonders to behold and have the added bonus of providing the perfect canvas for professional and amateur photographers to capture the perfect picture.

5.  The season for beer.  While beer is good year around, it is during the Autumn season that we get to experience more unique and delicious craft and seasonal brews.  Of course, the Octoberfest celebration is largely about beer.  Also beer is a staple for any sporting event and for most celebrations with family and friends.  Autumn truly is about beer.  It is a great time for brewery tours and pub crawls.  Beer also pairs well with most of the hearty meals we tend to eat during the autumn and winter seasons.


Pic Frame Maker



















6.  A season for spirits.  Autumn also welcomes the return to hard alcoholic drinks.  During the summer months, most people avoid heavy hard alcoholic beverages as they do not mix well with heat and humidity.  The more popular drinks are flavored vodkas, summer tropicals and light wines.  During the autumn months with its chilly evenings, we forget about the tropics and return to brown warming liquor– rye, brandy, scotch and port wines, just to name a few.





















7.  Pumpkin is king.  Over the past few years, the popularity of pumpkin has soared.[2]  It is a very versatile fruit rich in fiber and nutrients.  There are so many products on the market currently during the fall season that features pumpkin, including coffee, breads, candy, beer, etc.  Pumpkin is the centerpiece of Halloween festivities.





















8.  Time for crafting.  During the autumn season, many of us find ourselves crafting something, whether it be Halloween costumes or displays, scarecrows, etc.  If you are looking for something really special and fun, try crafting a keg out of pumpkin.  How’s that for building something?

pumpkin keg




























9.  A season for giving.  Autumn is an important time for charitable giving and support.  Perhaps the largest charitable effort during the fall season is the campaign for the fight against breast cancer.  This is now a movement, garnering the support of many businesses, foundations, sports associations, etc.  There are few, if any people, who have not been affected by breast cancer, whether personally or through family members or friends.  In October, we are proud to take to the street, running, walking, and educating each other to raise funds and awareness to combat this horrible disease.






























Another favorite growing movement during the Autumn season is Movember, which brings attention to prostate cancer.  This is a great time for guys to grow mustaches and raise money and awareness to combat prostate cancer.  Movember is an annual 30-day period where the mustache rules.  Detailed information on this charity can be found here.

10.  Fall fashion and style.  While spring and summer seasons force us to dress down for comfort, the autumn season gives us the chance to dress with flair and creativity.  One of the highlights of fall is fashion.  We love shopping for dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, boots and shoes.  Then we get to personalized our looks with colorful accessories, such as caps, gloves and scarves.  Fall fashion is about looking good while keeping warm.

Scarves are a key part of fall fashion.

Set of colorful scarves in vintage wooden box














Autumn offers so much to enjoy.  It is a colorful, exciting and enchanting season with many awesome things to do.  There is something for everyone during this season, and we wish you the best Autumn ever.





Today, August 13th, is International Left-Handers Day, and we here at LGBG would like to salute lefties all over the world.  We feel that focusing on left-handers is congruent with our belief that the most important component of sustainability involves the human factor and investment in people.  As such, spotlighting left-handers helps to raise awareness of the difficulties this group of people face in activities of daily living with the lack of adaptive product design for their use.  Additionally, the attention to the unique needs of lefties fosters greater consideration of the adaptive requirements of lefties by the right-handed majority population.

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Today is Father’s Day, and we hope that you choose a green salute for Dad.  If you have not decided on a gift yet, don’t panic.  Take a few minutes and think about a present that reflects who your Dad is or wants to be.  This opens up many possibilities.





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English: Mother's Day card

English: Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are reading this, you probably still are trying to decide on a really awesome Mother’s Day gift for your mom,wife grandmother or significant other.  Maybe you are not thrilled with the commercial selections– just tired of cut flowers that die in a few days (plus they often are toxic), chocolate (that Mom really does not need) or the mundane blouse, scarf, etc.

We have a few ideas here at LGBG.  Consider taking Mother’s Day to a new level.  So many people are aware of the “green movement” and “sustainability,” but they either do not know how to get started or simply have not had the time to get involved.  This is your opportunity to introduce Mom to a healthier and happier lifestyle that can be fun for the whole family.  Here are a few suggestions: Read More →


For the love of nature!

Great EARTH Expeditions logo

Great EARTH Expeditions

Though founder Ryan Barry and his team admit profits were not at the forefront of their decision-making process in launching the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based eco-tourism start-up, Great EARTH Expeditions, they can all agree that continuing their efforts is no waste of their time.  In fact, according to Ryan, they believe that the best way to get the community to minimize its wasteful impact on the environment is “through education and appreciation for what lays in nature.”  So what better alternative exists than to press onward? Live Green Be Green says, “None!”

So, Eco-Tourism?

Yes.  Being that eco-tourism is marginally about uniting community and conservation in sustainable travel, Great EARTH Expeditions promises well-planned, exciting and educational adventures through some of Canada’s most beautifully raw countryside.  Great EARTH Expeditions‘ guides plunge participants straight into the wonders of nature, from the forest floor to the Canadian coastlines, all the while encouraging in them an elevated appreciation for the surrounding fauna and foliage.

Is all of this an effective approach, you ask?  Great EARTH Expeditions believes so.

When you suddenly educate people on things that exist in nature that [people] would not regularly think about in their daily lives, they suddenly look at these precious things and relate it to their own lives and what impact it could have for the future of their children[…] It’s then that people start to begin practices in their daily lives to live greener.  Education is powerful!  —Ryan Barry, Owner/Operator

Works Apart From Great EARTH Expeditions

Live Green Be Green could not agree more with Ryan’s notion, as it ties into the core value upon which we were founded — the simple sharing of knowledge.  Speaking to that a bit further, we delve into the current endeavors Great EARTH Expeditions has outside of its green tourism operations.  How can it leverage its voice to influence change?

“Through our social media,” explains Ryan, Great EARTH Expeditions stays “connected with various government organizations […] working to help conserve both fragile landscapes in Nova Scotia and at-risk wildlife species in Canada.”  With 18,000+ followers across its range of platforms, Great EARTH Expeditions constantly shares updates on ways to help these governmental efforts.  Barry and team hope to one day attain their aspirations of contributing to such efforts through direct involvement in these government initiatives.

I would like to see Canada make well thought out decisions when tapping into our natural resources. It’s no secret that Canada has a vast range of natural resources, but when extracting these resources — whether it be our forests or natural gas — there must be strategic plans in place to lessen the impact on the earth for not only this generation but the next.  Ryan Barry, Owner/Operator

Ryan and his team believe we are beginning to think more along these long-term lines, especially after having witnessed the devastating impacts of improper and irresponsible practices in countries all over the world in recent years. (Think about the Chilean Mining fiasco, the BP Oil Drilling debacle, etc.)  The resulting negative impacts of such events have proven to be difficult to correct, at best.

It is well known and understood that the Mother Nature’s climate is not the only one at play.  Great EARTH Expeditions is striving towards raising sensitivity to its host nation’s political, environmental and social climate in the work it continues to do.  The group at Great EARTH Expeditions believes, as we at Live Green Be Green believe, that every small difference matters.  Here’s to a brighter tomorrow.


Has your interest peaked yet?

Be sure to check out Great EARTH Expeditions‘ new webseries, launched earlier this year, to catch some of the amazing footage capturable on their outings!

Here’s Episode 1: Bay of Fundy Pirates, Waterfalls & Sea Caves

Today is Valentine’s Day and we hope that each of you will celebrate green.  Many of you reading this post have not finalized your plans for Valentine’s Day celebrations.  Although some people procrastinate in making plans until the actual day, this year is different.  The severe weather occurrences with heavy snow and ice storms over most of the United States for the past week considerably hampered many people’s ability to get out and shop.  A lot of families are still snowed in with no power.  Additionally, gifts that were supposed to be delivered by mail may not come in time for the holiday.



The most important thing to remember is that Valentine’s day is about love, and materialism is not necessary to convey love.  While Valentine’s Day often is criticized as being a man-made holiday, it still is important to us as humans.  As we journey towards sustainable lifestyles, we learn that while investment in the environment is important, it is crucial that we include the investment in human lives as essential to achieving full sustainability.

The History of Valentine’s Day

In reality, this “lovely” holiday evolved from a very violent history.  Valentine’s Day is named after a Roman priest under Emperor Claudius II during the third century.  In this tumultuous era, the Roman Empire was divided into three competing states, with constant threats of invasion by one faction or another.  The survival of the Empire became so threatened that Claudius struggled to maintain war power.  Under the belief that unmarried soldiers fought better than their married counterparts, Claudius banned marriage among young people.  However, the priest Valentine, held high marriage as a God-given sacrament and began officiating these unions in secret.  He eventually was discovered, imprisoned and then beheaded.  Later Valentine was martyred by the Church for giving up his life to perform the sacrament.  Thus, Valentine’s Day is about love– love of God and love for each other.

St-Valentine-Kneeling-In-Supplication.  Credit:

St-Valentine-Kneeling-In-Supplication. Credit:

Celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

The true spirit of Valentine’s Day should be reflected in our celebratory choices, and sustainability should be a driving concern in making these choices.  Why buy chocolate candies produced by workers who are underpaid and treated unfairly when we can purchase guaranteed fair trade products?  Why buy cut flowers that wilt and die in a matter of days when we can purchase potted plants and flowers that can be maintained in containers or  transplanted outside to thrive and be enjoyed for years to come?  Why spend long hours working to make money to buy “stuff” that creates clutter, especially when most families are starved for time together?

Emotionally-drained-love-valentines-day-ecards-someecards.  Credit:

Emotionally-drained-love-valentines-day-ecards-someecards. Credit:

Green is the way to go.

So as you ponder ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, please be sure to remember that the day is about love and sustainability.  Celebrate a green Valentine’s Day.  To do so is to live green, be green.


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Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

As New Year’s Eve descends upon us, and we give serious thought to resolutions, we should try hard to commit to live green.  The best reason to resolve to live green is that by doing this, so many of the other items on our “usual” lists will happen as an offshoot.  Considering that most people’s list of resolutions include exercising, losing weight, eating healthy, reducing clutter, reducing stress, being more spiritual, and spending wisely, you will find that with the adoption of green initiatives, all or most of these goals will be accomplished in the process without the anxiety and trepidation often felt when focusing on these goals directly.

To get you started, we here at LGBG would like to offer some tips on green living.

Buy local to eat greener.

Buying local is important because it gives consumers more immediate access to fresher food, particularly fruits and vegetables.  Additionally, local farms often are governed by very restrictive ordinances in terms of fertilization to prevent runoff of chemicals into rivers and streams.  These farmers are members of the communities that they serve and are expected to endorse sustainable practices.  On the other hand, large corporate factory farms are invisible to communities and often can obtain favorable legislation for their practices through lobbying efforts.

It also is important to note that locally grown food reduces the need for extended transportation to markets, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.  You also will find fewer additives to maintain color or prolong freshness of the food products.  Finally, buying from local businesses promotes reinvestment in the community.  The big payoff here is that the consumer gets healthier, less expensive food and his/her purchases benefit the community.  So for the New Year, make sure your green resolution starts with your diet.

English: Healthy Food For Life logo

English: Healthy Food For Life logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Resolve to clean green in 2014.

Now is a great time to switch from toxic cleaning chemicals to eco-friendly products.  There are so many green cleaning products on the market that will help you make your house spotless without contaminating the air in your house.  Also, try stocking up on baking soda, vinegar and even castile soap for daily cleaning, along with reusable cleaning cloths.  You can breathe easier and reduce spending on cleaning products.  Simultaneously, you can apply some elbow grease and burn extra calories.

English: The carbon footprint as it is underst...

English: The carbon footprint as it is understood by people. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walk, run, bike, play– Resolve to get moving.

Make this the year that you get off the couch and get moving to burn calories.  Exercise, along with a healthy diet, will aid in weight reduction, healthier joints, lower blood pressure, improved heart rate, improved food digestion and improved sleep.  This is a great chance to use the features of a smartphone.  Download your favorite songs and create a playlist for exercise routines, reduce stress with motivational music and audiobooks or engage exercise apps to track your dietary record or exercise progress.  Join a bowling league, softball team, tennis club, etc.  Physical exercise is great for family time or to engage socially and make new friends.  Make 2014 the year that you get moving.

English: Exercising outdoors is healthier than...

English: Exercising outdoors is healthier than working out indoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make green living a habit.

Unlike past years, this time around plan to make healthy green living a habit.  Do not overload yourself or set a specific date to achieve a goal.  Plan a lifestyle change.  Be creative and involve the entire or family in green initiatives.  Have fun, save money, and enjoy the health benefits that follow.

From all of us here at LGBG, we wish all of our readers a healthy, happy and green New Year!




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