On Thursday, July 2nd, Potter Baseball hosted the Annapolis Cook-Off at Arnold Ball Park in Arnold, Maryland, a wonderful event that reflected Jeff Potter’s vision and commitment to love and baseball the Potter Way.

Courtesy of Potter Baseball

Courtesy of Potter Baseball

Teach The Children Well.

What makes Potter Baseball so special?  This program utilizes the sport of baseball as the core of its theme and cleverly incorporates other concepts, namely community service, health, respect for self and others and charity work, thereby creating a  lesson in life.  Each summer the program participants gather on weekends to play in tournaments in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  While on these tours, the team holds fundraisers for charities, collects food for donations and visits historic sites in the locales and supports their causes, such as the Bull Run Warrior Retreat.  Often they experience the hospitality of area teams and their families who offer them accommodations.

Courtesy of Potter Baseball

Courtesy of Potter Baseball

Patrick Halligan knows very well the lessons learned from playing sports, baseball in particular.  He met Coach Potter as a freshman in high school and was fortunate to have his continued support and assistance to hone his baseball skills throughout his secondary school years.  With the similarity of their journeys, namely Potter’s commitment to teaching life skills through baseball and LGBG’s focus on healthy and green living, it is no coincidence that the paths of these two organizations cross frequently.   Their intersection of the world includes raising awareness and supporting fundraising for child illness through programs such as Dillon’s Army, as well as protecting the environment.  Both organizations emphasize the need to be stewards of the planet and to give back to the earth and its inhabitants as payment of rent for the space we each occupy.


Patrick Halligan Co-founder of Live Green Be Green

The LGBG crew jumped right in.  With the excellent planning and hard work of LGBG crew members, Becca and Madison Donnelly, the team prepared and served delicious chicken tacos (get recipe here) made with chicken, salsa, avocados, onions and homemade tortillas (get recipe here). The majority of ingredients were sourced from local farms and markets such as High Hope Farms in Preston Maryland.  We all shared food and tips with the other competitors, whose fare included fruit parfait, shish-kabob, grilled pineapples and peaches with chocolate topping, barbecue ribs, banana and Nutella crepes and a delicious cauliflower salad.

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We all gathered at Arnold Park for a friendly family-oriented cooking “competition.”  The cook-off was very well-attended by a great group of players, their families and fans, who love both the game of baseball and Jeff Potter’s method of instruction.  Coach Potter, along with his wife, Sheryl, and daughter, Tracey, welcomed everyone, worked the crowd and made this an event to remember.

And The Winner is–

This was such an enjoyable event, you really forgot that it was a competition.  As such, we all were winners.  We left the cook-off with full stomachs and a strong sense of satisfaction that we each had experienced something very special.  It was a great way to kick off the Fourth of July weekend celebration.

To all of our readers, we here at LGBG wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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