Today is Father’s Day, and we hope that you choose a green salute for Dad.  If you have not decided on a gift yet, don’t panic.  Take a few minutes and think about a present that reflects who your Dad is or wants to be.  This opens up many possibilities.





Maybe Dad loves gardening and lawn care.  Consider plants and vegetables as gifts, along with a commitment of time to help him in the garden.  Maybe Dad is a creature of habit.  Introduce him to some plants he has never tried.  Check out water-conserving plants, and plants that resists mosquitos.  Dad will be happy, and the whole family will thank you.  If Dad likes to grow vegetables, try some new plants and herbs that he has never planted.  Gardening can be fun, therapeutic, and it is green.

Perhaps Dad likes the stock market and investing.  Get on the computer and do some research on green stocks.  Offer Dad information on these products and consider a gift of stock in something appropriate.

There also are gadgets for money-conscious Dads.  Check out the latest in digital thermostats, home security gadgets and even geothermal beer coolers.  Other green technology ideas include solar chargers for those electronic devices.










If Dad is a golfer, check out wooden drivers or other gifts made in an eco-friendly way.  If a family cookout is planned, don’t forget to shop local.

The greenest thing you can do for Dad today and everyday is to spend time.  After all, living a green and sustainable life involves investment in people.  Start at home.  Encourage family time with activities such as walking, playing games, biking, swimming.  It’s all about time together.

We here at LGBG would like to wish all Dads, Dads-to-be and Dad mentors a Happy Father’s Day.  We especially send our love out to our Dads and husbands and thank them for their support in our efforts to live green, be green.

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