Earth Day 2014

Earth Day 2014


Happy Earth Day– let’s celebrate!   This year we here at LGBG applaud the annual global recognition of and celebration of Earth Day, but we hope that you will commit to do one thing to celebrate and protect the Earth everyday.  After all, it is the everyday little things that make a difference.  Of course, most of us are well aware of the usual things we can do– recycle, reduce and reuse.  It is important to keep doing those things.  However, there are many other ways to celebrate and protect the environment.

Get out and really enjoy the outdoors.

Our first suggestion is that you get up, turn off the electronics, put on your walking shoes and go outside.  Take a walk and enjoy the fresh air.  Listen to the sounds of nature– the sounds of birds, running water in brooks and streams or the crickets.  Often we purchase CDs with these calming sounds when we can go outside and hear them for free.  Try going on a family walk or bicycle ride.  Take your time and enjoy your surroundings– stop and smell the flowers.

Reduce your use of electricity.

We know it is difficult to get accustomed to using LED bulbs, but they do grow on you.  Rather than making a total change all at once, gradually replace traditional bulbs with LED bulbs.  Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.  Consider putting some lights on timers to come on upon your expected arrival home rather than leaving lights on while you are out.  Also, motion sensors  may be a good security investment.  Remember to unplug electronics not in use.


Clear out your house and your mind of excess “stuff.”  Make this a journey to be accomplished over a period of time, rather than a daunting task that may be abandoned if it becomes overwhelming.  Throw away items that are no longer usable and donate things that still are useful.  When making purchases, try to make good investments.  Consider the “shelf life” of clothing and household articles.  Also, stop overloading your brain.  Make task lists and prioritize.  Additionally, do not try to do everything yourself.  It is okay to delegate to friends and family members.

Grow something.

Plant a flower, a garden or some grass.  Grow something.  You will feel good about it.  Whatever you choose to grow, care for it daily.  If you see signs of deterioration, find out how to fix it.  The sense of success and gratitude felt when a flower buds or fruit or vegetables appear is contagious.

Just Do One Thing.

We have given you a few suggestions of things to do to live a sustainable lifestyle and celebrate Earth Day everyday.  Of course, the sky is the limit.  Please contact us with your pictures and ideas of the one thing you chose to do to celebrate Earth Day.  Most importantly, let’s make everyday a Happy Earth Day.  To do so is to live green, be green.

Do Something

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