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Live Green Be Green Announces Campaign Project Results

“A Buck and A Bag” tote drive proves highly successful with community support.

ODENTON, Maryland – June 6, 2013 – Live Green Be Green by PMD United today announced the completion of its first “A Buck and A Bag” Tote drive.  To get involved in the movement whose aim is to help rid Africa of plastic pollution, LGBG co-founders, Patrick Halligan and Michael Natale, partnered with Lori Robinson, an active Africa Adventures Specialist for the Jane Goodall Foundation and founder of Africa Inside.  

Through Africa Inside, Robinson collects donations of tarp- and canvas-material tote bags, those regularly seen in major grocery and shopping stores nowadays, along with monetary donations and accompanying notes written to the potential recipients.  This drive’s recipients will be villagers of Samburu, Kenya, as that is where Robinson will be heading to hand-deliver her donations – she’ll give a tote bag to every female villager who can show that she has collected 25 plastic bags, which would otherwise have been burned along with other trash or simply thrown about surrounding wildlife habitats, to exchange for one such re-useable tote.  

Live Green Be Green was approached by Robinson, and immediately decided to take a role in this great cause.  With its help, Africa Inside has seen increased public donations, including those from local Anne Arundel County schools, as well as corporate donations from the likes of Safeway and Target.  “People don’t realize when they’re not healthy or eco-friendly, it comes back around,” noted Patrick Halligan, explaining that “the more conscious you are of it, the easier it is.”  It is with that precise message and mentality that the LGBG team has had success in helping to grow Africa Inside’s donation program.  In discussing why his team chose to target school systems, he added, “This is a very global concept and problem that can be used as a gateway for kids to reach out.”  

As this collection campaign drew to an end, Live Green Be Green remains confident in its contributions to the cause.  In successfully collecting hundreds of tote bag donations, there is a potential to rid Africa of thousands of plastic pollutants from its Kenyan countryside.

For more information on Africa Inside and its mission, in this program and overall, please visit the organization’s website at

3 Thoughts on “Press Release

  1. It was great working with you at LGBG for the clean up the plastic in the Samburu. The support of your efforts was wonderful and the people in Africa are going to be super excited to receive their totes from America.

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