Mother’s Day– Last Minute But Awesome Gift Ideas

English: Mother's Day card

English: Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are reading this, you probably still are trying to decode on a really awesome Mother’s Day gift for your mom,wife grandmother or significant other.  Maybe you are not thrilled with the commercial selections– just tired of cut flowers that die in a few days (plus they often are toxic), chocolate (that Mom really does not need) or the mundane blouse, scarf, etc.

We have a few ideas here at LGBG.  Consider taking Mother’s Day to a new level.  So many people are aware of the “green movement” and “sustainability“, but they either do not know how to get started or simply have not had the time to get involved.  This is your opportunity to introduce Mom to a healthier and happier lifestyle that can be fun for the whole family.  Here are a few suggestions:

Design and plant a garden.  This is a great family activity with wonderful benefits.  The garden can be as large as an outdoor plot or as small as a balcony or windowsill garden.  Select vegetables and/or plants that the family enjoys eating, and then commit to taking care of the garden throughout the growing season.  Imagine the pride of eating homegrown salads and other dishes that you will harvest this summer.  Everyone, particularly Mom, will feel proud.  The kids will learn how to nurture plants and the meaning of sustainability.  As a bonus, they will appreciate the special family time.  Maybe they will be interested in freezing and/or canning their homegrown vegetables so that they can enjoy them throughout the winter.

  1. If you choose plants, consider a theme for your garden.  Suggestions include fragrant flowers that can be cut and placed in vases for decoration, gardens that attract hummingbirds (see or even gardens that contain plants that repel mosquitos.  With a little imagination and elbow grease, you can create a garden that will have Mom beaming.
  • A second idea for a Mother’s Day celebration is a cookbook, but try to be creative and “green” this year.  check out vegetarian cookbooks that will allow Mom to incorporate some delicious vegetarian dishes her meals along with traditional entrees.  Perhaps a cookbook featuring meals prepared with herbs, along with an herb garden, would be a hit for Mom.
  • Thirdly consider giving Mom a gift that pays later.  Try a book of tickets to do activities, such as walking, biking, hiking, camping or any other thing that gets everyone outside and moving.

Not all Mother’s Day gifts have to be wrapped up in finite pretty packages.  There are many things to do that will make Mother’s Day an exceptional time and a renewal of your love and appreciation for Mom with health benefits for the entire family.  You can bet such thoughtfulness will have Mom smiling for days to come.

We here at LGBG wish all mothers everywhere a healthy, happy, green Mother’s Day!





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