The renewal of the production tax credit for wind energy prior to its scheduled expiration at the end of the year would best serve traditional Republican or red states.  The 2012 election results clearly shows that most Americans believe that clean renewable energy is important and that oil is not representative of energy resources in our country’s future.  This clearly was evidenced by the defeat of candidates backed by polluters and their “dirty energy” dollars.

Presently, the strongest wind resources in the country are in Texas, Kansas and South Dakota, with Texas claiming bragging rights for the most installed wind power at a rate of 10 gigawatts per  hour or the equivalent of five Hoover Dams.  Statistics indicate that 81% of wind installed in America is in Republican districts.

Additional reasons to extend the production tax credit include the following:

  • Its expiration would result in the loss of 37,000 jobs, mostly in Republican districts.
  • Letting any tax expire is commensurate to raising taxes, which would not be good for the nation or for the states that already are heavily invested in these projects.

The production tax credit is good for both the economy and the environment, and it should not be held political hostage during the debates on measures to be taken to avoid the looming fiscal cliff.  The best way to help save this important tax credit is to let your elected officials know your position at the following website:

The production tax credit extension will serve as clear notice by our elected officials that they are ready to put aside partisan bickering and come together to do the work of the people so that we all can live green, be green.

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wind power

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