All of us at Live Green Be Green are proud to celebrate America Recycles Day.  This holiday was started in 1997 to promote awareness of the need to recycle.  This is a day of celebration and recognition of everyone who has done something along these lines.  A recycling effort could be as small as sorting trash so as not to put plastics in the garbage, recycling used printer cartridges or donating no longer used clothing to charitable organizations.  We all are getting pretty good at this; however, we still have a long way to go.

Over the years since recycling promotions have begun, we have witnessed the institution of both voluntary and mandatory practices put into place by local and federal legislative bodies to enforce recycling.  These include fines for littering, deposit taxes on returnable bottles and cans and supervises use of landfills.  As a result, many recycling practices have become habitual to most us.  Also, we now reap rewards from recycling.  These include rebates on ink cartridges and tax credits for donations of electronics that we no longer want but still are useful and are accepted by charities.

Over the ensuing year, let’s try to take our recycling efforts at least one step farther.  In addition to recycling plastic bottles, we can purchase reusable bottles.  Also, we can downsize our purchases of clothing and household goods.  Let’s learn to live with less.  When making purchases, especially for the home, do some research and purchase products, such as flooring, tiles and even paper products made from recycled materials.

We hope everyone who recycles will give themselves a pat on the back today for taking that extra step to save our planet.  We applaud your efforts to live green, be green!

English: Recycle logo

English: Recycle logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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