In its analysis of media coverage of climate change, the Union of Concerned Scientists concluded, “93 percent of Fox News’ and 80 percent of the Wall Street Journal opinion pages’ climate coverage is inaccurate and misleading.  This is unfortunate because many people entrust major news sources to deliver true information.  Now we find that often news, especially that related to climate change sometimes is “fiction”.

Some scientists think that the failure to accurately report on climate change results from the lack old credibility of reporters on these topics.  It is common to see weather forecasters present as climate experts, and they are “about as credible as someone claiming to be an expert on the Greenland ice sheet because they eat ice cream”.  Also some news stations tend to lean to the right, with a substantial percentage of their audience being conservatives, who often dismiss the notion and relevance of climate change.  We all know that the bottom line for any television station is the ratings.

The important lesson to take away here is that with worthwhile endeavor, accurate information is key.  It is up to us as individuals to do our own research on issues of climate change and green living.  To accomplish this, we first have to seek reliable sources for our information.  A 30-second blurb on the evening news is not sufficient.  This situation presents a wonderful opportunity for each of us to engage our children and the school system for information on climate change.  Local government sources also are reliable for rules, ideas, and projects to help the environment, save money and to live healthy.

Let’s be good citizens and great stewards of this planet.  Strive to reap the benefits of healthy versus unhealthy living.  To save our planet, let’s learn green, live green, be green!

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