Plant for the Planet is a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees and combating climate change with operations in 131 countries.  To date, it has planted more than one million trees in Germany alone.  The most amazing fact about this group is that is founder, Felix Finkbeiner, is only 13 years old and founded this organization when he was only nine years old.  Finkbeiner has taken it upon himself and his group to get something done.  This is reflected in the their motto:  “Stop talking.  Start planting.”  This young man is well aware that just planting trees cannot save the world, but he knows that you have to start somewhere.

The members of Plant for the Planet are called Climate Justice Ambassadors.  They meet to discuss issues relative to global warming and present papers, often from science reports that provide factual evidence of the magnitude of climate change.  The Climate Justice Ambassadors note that even though they as children generally “hate to follow rules,” they are convinced that global laws and regulations are needed to preserve the planet.

Plant for the Planet has published a book, Tree By Tree, in which they detail steps that can be taken by everyone (often small ones) that can help save the planet.  These include driving less, flying less, cooking foods with lids on pans and lowering the heat settings, using energy-efficient bulbs and eating less meat.  They recognize the power of numbers and debunk the motto of people who assume that whatever they do as individuals will not make a difference.

The organization is very critical of broken promises by the car industry, particularly German car manufacturers, who failed to keep promises to produce automobiles that would emit less carbon dioxide.  They point out that in Germany, people who drive bigger cars receive greater tax benefits from the government. They criticize the finance ministers from the EU, who failed to regulate taxation of aviation fuel in order to promote tourism at the expense of the climate.  On the subject of food, they criticize the mass consumption of meat and the transportation of fruits and vegetables out of season to the far parts of the earth to satisfy tastes despite the carbon dioxide emissions.

Plant for the Planet believes their organization has history behind it to support its fight to save the planet.  They pointedly state, “countless individuals, groups, communities and even whole nations have had to fight for their rights.  What about us kids?  Slowly it is clear that we kids have no other choice but to fight for our own rights and future too.”

The children in Plant for the Planet are amazing ambassadors for climate change.  They recognize the need to inherit a healthy planet.  Adults should take heed and get on board with this movement.  As stated in Isaiah 11:6:  “And a child shall lead them.”  Let’s live green, be green.

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