Here at Live Green, Be Green we are always advocating for younger generations to get involved in the Green Movement, especially those studying in colleges and universities. In fact, a couple of weeks ago we wrote about changing the way curriculum is taught in these locales to involve sustainability. So it comes with great delight to see that the University of Utah is implementing such changes within their coursework. Now students at the university have the opportunity to earn an Integrated Certificate in Sustainability as a degree. Students who choose this discipline are required to complete a 23 credit-hour program with one required introductory course and upper level courses located outside of the main campus. 

The discipline will be available with the commencement of the upcoming academic year and will allow freshman to be fully engaged in matters of sustainability immediately. As stated in our previous article, the green movement needs to infiltrate colleges and universities to incite others to not only spread the ideals of the movement, but to lead using values of social responsibility and sustainability. It is refreshing to see a university place such value on sustainability in that they not only have placed it within the coursework, but have also carved out a specific degree tailored to the green movement. Such initiatives are sure to catch on, especially at this stage in the game, as universities are always looking to differentiate themselves in order to bring in a diverse student body. As evident from the news, green initiatives are rising to the forefront on college agendas, and these initiatives will help to lay a great foundation of knowledge to be passed on to the next generation of leaders. Hopefully, this will help to promote a lifestyle in which we all live green, and be green

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