Well, we all know that solar panels are one way to start turning your home into an eco-friendly environment, however, there is a new trend making a splash. Stainmaster carpets has introduced their very first eco-friendly carpet, the Stainmaster Ultra Life.

Creators of the Stainmaster Ultra Life explain that they are conserving energy in two helpful ways. The first in which this revolutionary carpet helps preserves the environment is by using an astonishingly low percentage of energy, 37%, during the manufacturing process. Also, the carpet lasts 50% longer than other carpets in today’s market. The longer life expectancy results in less time spent in landfills.

An amazing fact is that unlike other carpets which require you to clean them with chemicals, the Stainmaster Ultra Life does not. In fact, its creators explain that once you install it you will never have to use any chemicals to clean it at any point.

Hey, if you’re worried about this eco-friendly carpet not fitting in with the color scheme of your home, Stainmaster offers roughly 25,000 colors to choose from. So, don’t let worrying about ruining your home decor and style stop you from becoming environmentally friendly.

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