Shale gas is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to clean and efficient energy. Its properties allow it to burn cleanly, and is currently cheaper in price than its gasoline counterpart. With the perfection of extraction techniques of this plentiful rock through the use of horizontal drilling or “fracking” as it is commonly known, a wealth of possibilities has been unearthed with regards to sustainable and clean energy.

Currently, most of our oil is consumed through transportation of goods. By slowly replacing the arcane model of gas powered vehicles to shale gas, we will witness the convergence of sustainability and efficiency in travel. Major U.S. corporations such as Chesapeake Energy and Southwestern Energy Co.’s have been pioneers in unlocking shale gas technology, and is a further indicator of why we are leaders in creating sustainable energy sources. President Obama has focused on the need for technology to get us out of the recession we are currently situated in. The mass creation of shale gas powered cars for use by the public will serve to almost eliminate emissions, and will further promote the domestication of manufactured goods (which has not been seen since the late 1960’s).

Natural gas is already being used in the commercial trucking industry to reduce fueling costs. However, the initial outlay for the vehicle is obviously more because it requires its gas tanks to be stronger, heavier, and larger due to the compression in the tank. Yet, with an advancement in technology to make natural gas powered cars more available to the public, a reduction in production costs will follow allowing for more individuals to purchase the cars, and thus lowering total emissions. Having this concept become mainstream would be a big win for the green movement, and would allow citizens to both live green, and be green.

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