According to a recent survey conducted by Research House, Eighty-nine percent of Ontarians feel that their communities would benefit environmentally and economically by incorporating green alternatives. The survey, which was conducted in April of this year, sought to obtain consumer insights into creating more sustainable communities.

Ontarians felt that in order to make greener communities, development should be promoted through local governments. More specifically, “Ninety-six percent of respondents felt municipalities could do more to ensure shared community spaces such as parks and recreation centers incorporate environmentally friendly products.” This statistic is encouraging as the green movement has seemed to move to top-of-mind-awareness in the global community. Being green is not an ambitious goal anymore, rather a reality that has set in for many individuals and companies around the world.  Andrew Horsman, Executive Director of the Ontario Tire Stewardship reiterated this sentiment claiming, “Factoring environmental sustainability…isn’t just a trend. It’s a necessary, everyday consideration that extends beyond World Environment Day, to preserve our environment, health, and livelihoods of future generations.” The amazing reach of the green movement has invited more people, year after year, to not only think green, but to live green as well. As exemplified by the survey described, citizens are not only aware of the concept of sustainability, but also wish to implement programs to see these ideas through. To see more of the survey please check out the link below.

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