School is out and warm weather is here.  This is an opportune time to get involved with the green movement.  Teachable moments are everywhere.  For older children who want to earn extra money doing lawn care, parents can give instructions on the use of green products to care for the lawn that do not pollute or produce runoff to streams and lakes.  Younger children can learn how to grow flowers or vegetables using organic plant and vegetable food that is not harmful to the environment.  There are few restraints here.  Projects can be as large as outdoor land or as small as houseplants or patio gardens.

Planting an outside garden provides a great opportunity to enjoy the weather outside and is a great alternative to watching television or playing video games. Developing a schedule for gardening activities teaches children to adhere to routines and to commit to projects.  These characteristics are key to success in both education and work.   Researching green gardening, implementing a plan and then carrying it out fosters teamwork and promotes wholesome family time.  The final product, whether it is a crop of tomatoes or other vegetables or a garden of beautiful flowers that were grown by an organic process that contributed to the health of the environment will be a source of pride for any family and most likely the highlight of the summer vacation.

Green gardening is a wonderful activity and learning opportunity that stimulates and teaches valuable lessons to children without mimicking the feel of the classroom, thereby providing a rewarding and unique adventure for both parents and children.  Let’s use this natural classroom to go green this summer.


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